General conditions


Autos Báez Canarias reserves the right to review the “General Conditions”, so please check them regularly. Should you have any queries, please send us an e-mail with your enquiry and we will answer you as soon as possible. The website is a virtual platform that provides information on and offers the self-drive vehicle rental service. This site is not set up for vehicle rentalpayments through online payment systems.

What do Autos Báez Canarias prices include?

Unlimited mileage. Taxes (Canary Island Indirect Tax).
Mandatory insurance, including Compulsory and Voluntary Public Liability Cover.
Flexible booking modification.
Additional driver.
Baby seats, boosters and maxi-cosi.
Regular vehicle drop off and pick up*.
*(Ask about cost €0 conditions)

What is not included in Autos Báez Canarias prices?

Breakage, loss or mistreatment of the vehicle key or card.
Claims related to dangerous driving, under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
Traffic fines.
Damage to vehicle wheels, tyres and undercarriage.
Repairs and damage caused by incorrect refuelling.
Costs of unjustified tow trucks.
Punctures (to be assessed by Autos Báez Canarias personnel).
Damage caused by negligence.

GENERAL CONDITIONS (abbreviated version)

You must be at least 25 years of age to hire a vehicle of any category and must have held a driving licence for over three years.

The vehicle may not be transported on board any type of ship, train, truck or plane, except where expressly authorised in writing by Autos Báez Canarias.

Only the person or persons identified and accepted by Autos Báez Canarias in the rental contract are authorised to drive the vehicle, provided they are over the age of 25 and have held a current, valid driving licence for at least three years. The lessee or Customer is forbidden from assigning or from in any way providing as surety: the vehicle, the rental contract, the keys, the documentation, the equipment, the tools and/or the accessories of the vehicle and/or any part or piece thereof.

Fuel: the vehicle will be returned containing the same amount of fuel as when it was picked up. Where it returned with more fuel than that indicated on the contract, this difference will not be paid to the Customer.

Price: the rental price is as indicated in rental contract and is established depending on the general rates in force and on the price agreed with the Customer or lessee when the vehicle is hire, according to the rate selected. The rental price includes the cost of the mandatory vehicle insurance, additional public liability and any corresponding taxes. This price does not include the price of optional insurance and exemptions, in which case the prices charged to the Customer will be added to the price of the vehicle rental.

Methods of payment: cash or credit card (not debit).

The rental of child restraints, such as baby chairs, boosters or maxi-cosi

Are free of charge and offered as a gratuity by Autos Báez Canarias. Under no circumstances will Autos Báez Canarias be obliged to install and/or fit these restraining devices and is limited to merely meeting the request of the Customer, Autos Báez Canarias remaining free of any type of liability. A deposit will be requested as a guarantee for the rental of portable navigation system.

Applicable law and jurisdiction: Any issues arising in relation to this rental contract between the lessee (Customer) and the lessor (Autos Báez Canarias) are subject to Spanish courts and tribunals (in this case, the Courts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) with which both parties must abide.


We would like to remind our Customer to bring their Passport or ID document, driving licence and credit card (not debit) with them. Autos Báez Canarias reserves the right to cancel vehicle delivery to Customer with a background of non-payment, serious incidents or well-founded doubts as to their financial capacity. It is important to note that, when making a booking over our website, you will receive an e-mail that is sent by an “Autoresponder” to inform you that your booking has reached our servers correctly. In a second e-mail, we will notify you of the confirmation or refusal of your booking. Should you wish to modify or cancel your booking, please do so at least 24 hours in advance by e-mail. Cancellation is free of charge.